Alarm Panel


The alarm panel provides a visible and audible warning in case of a high level of toxic gas reading.

The alarmpanel from Maersk H2S Safety Services is an explosion proof alarm receiver that transmits an audible and visible warning signal to inform the personnel on site, that dangerous gases are

When connected to the monitors the equipment will provide warning for a wide range of measured gases, all depending of det sensors installed e.g.:
– Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
– Methane (CH4)
– Sulphor Dioxide (SO2)
– Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Upon receiving a detection of gas the alarm monitor will send a signal to the alarm panel that starts up a predefined warning cycle of audible sounds and lights.

To provide the audible signal the alarmpanel is equipped with Stahl horn that can be adjusted with 32 different signal sequences. It is possible to have two different signals active for e.g. low and high
toxic gas alarm.

The alarm planel can be used in areas were a possibility of explosive gasses i.e. zones 1 and 2.

Technical info
• The alarm panel is serviced after every use
• Weight: aprox. 8,5 kg.
• Dimensions: 48 x 65 x 25 cm
• Two alarms (e.g. low and high toxic gas)
• Alarm activation: depending on the controlunit
• Alarm sound Level (dBA) >117 @ 1m
• Working temperature: -50o to 55o C
• Power supply 220V AC

The Alarm panel conforms to the following certifications:
• ATEX: II 2G EEx d IIC T4
• ATEX: II 2G EEx de IIC T4
• ATEX: II 2G EEx de IIC T6
• KEMA: 02 ATEX 2150